The Division That Wins Together,

Plays Together.

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Work aside, #JKD holds regular cohesion events to bring everyone closer offline from the daily work routine.


#JKD believes strongly in character building. Thus a sponsorship program was created to all Propnex Bootcamp and Leadership Bootcamp for all Associates.

Team bonding within the Division is the key to success. Hence, no expenses are spared to organise events that ensure togetherness.

#JKD Year End Wakeboarding Retreat 2018

For our year end retreat in 2018, we hired multiple watercrafts to create the ultimate wakeboarding experience.

This event was to show gratitude for the hard work and stellar performance achieved by the team in the short 6 months from crossing over to PN.

As part of our culture, #JKD will continue the practice of organising unique and fun filled events to let everyone de-stress.

#JKD Mid Year BBQ Retreat 2019

This retreat was held to welcome a cohort of brand new RES to the family.Apart from activities under the sun, we also enjoyed wholesome family events.

We engaged a private chef for the BBQ and encouraged everyone to mingle, such that they could integrate as one unit.

To spend the remainder of the year fruitfully and end it with a bang, we aligned everyone's vision for the rest of 2019. 

The Division That Wins Together,

Works Together.


#JKD Private Communal Office Space


 #JKD has its own 750sqft of office space. In order to stay true to its success formula, this consists of a common sitting area, hot desk and pantry​, although everyone is assigned a personal desk.


There is also a resting place for relaxation in between viewings as well as an area to exchange ideas and foster better relationships.

Frequently, there are gatherings for training and sharing by Propnex Top Producers.

This space hosted countless late night brainstorming sessions which birthed many of the current effective initiatives.


A healthy team is a happy team that finds joy in whatever they embark on together! We believe that to lead a rewarding life, balance is paramount. This is the principle of #JKD’s Work, Play, Win system, where leisure and relaxation hold just as much importance as functionality and achievements.


Having fun together also brings the team closer by building strong interpersonal bonds, such that this unity will also lay a steady foundation for pleasant and efficient work relationships. #JKD understands that necessary rest is a mandatory aspect of progression. In order to give the team their very best, every member has to first be cared for and in good form. 


They say happiness is when one finds the place in this world where their skills are appreciated, while having their desires met. My aim is to help those who believe in themselves turn their dreams into reality. Click below to connect with me and who knows, you could soon be living your best life!

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