#JKD Is Not A One Man Show

The Pillar Of The Division Is Everyone

Since the inception of #JKD, Justin values "giving" #JKD to Everyone. This nurtures and cements a culture of giving back, such that everyone has equal vested interest to help each other blossom. This encourages interdivision partnership, as everyone has the same fundamental skill set and is based on foundational understanding.

 #JKD Is Not A One Man Show

The Leaders of #JustinKwekDivision

Without the selfless love and contribution of the Leaders, #JKD would not have been able to achieve today's success. Despite having a busy career, each team member is still able to pander to and fulfil every request asked of them. Together as a team, we share the same objective to benefit the Division. Hence, we frequently assess and evaluate the best methods to align Propnex with the Division vision and mission. 



Aloysius was the 2017 Top Rookie in our previous company. His decisiveness runs unparalleled by no other! Ranked routinely as one of the Top 200 Agents in Propnex, he is also known as the "General" of the Division.



The "Adviser" behind #JKD, Sherwin has been equipping the Division with exceptional advice right from the very beginning. The past 2 years has seen him clinch a place among Propnex’s annual Top 200 Agents. 




Don is one of the founding members of #JKD. His down to earth character and approachable demeanor is a stark contrast to his serious work attitude. He started to venture into Google Adwords marketing and started a streak of new launch closings from 2018 to 2020. 


Vernis may be young, but she's one of the most hardworking leaders in #JKD. Closing more than 150 deals and raking in close to half a million in transactions, it is no wonder she has been ranked as one of Propnex’s Top 200 agents in 2019.

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Lester started out focusing on TOP segment and excelling in it. Soon after crossing over to Propnex, with the experience gained during TOP, he started to venture into the Luxury district. Today, he is one of the most sought after Senior Tagger in the Lux Team with countless closings under his belt.  


Geraldine is a resourceful lady with a never say die attitude. One of the Up and coming producer in Propnex, she is able to juggle efficiently across the different sectors of TOP, Resale and New Launch. Beneath the demure outlook is a feisty character. 



Young and energetic, Clarie is always there to make things happen. His positive outlook in life draws people towards him. Ever hardworking with strong work ethics, he had crossed 6 figures annual income in his 1st year as RES. Watch out for this shining star performance! 

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Although our team might be young, they are competent, passionate, and pick up skills quickly. Their positive attitudes towards learning complement their high aptitudes, which create a perfect winning solution.


Work ethics aside, their colourful personalities add vibrancy to #JKD, such that their differences synergise seamlessly to support a culture that is equal parts dynamic and capable. Ambitious, sharp, gregarious and diligent, these young leaders are always on the move and committed to elevating themselves. The right training, mindset and notable qualities have truly made them a force to be reckoned with. Watch out, world!


Did you know that they were once like you as well? The only difference is that they received proper guidance. Chat with me to find out more on how you could become as successful too.

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