The Real Question

How Do You Generate A Consistent Income?

A common challenge faced by Real Estate Agents is finding a method that will ensure a steady and undisrupted transaction flow. Fortunately, Justin has identified the most efficient solution from the hundreds of possible means to generate consistent income. Supported by the unique #JKD Hierarchy Structure, Justin’s special discovery has been shared and duplicated successfully in the Division.


#JKD was conceived in April 2018 to set up a diverse and dynamic hierarchy system. It aims to create an environment where everyone can learn and partner up with each other regardless of Managers. 


The hierarchy system is instrumental in #JKD’s frequent victories in the monthly Top 10 Division category.


The same principles from the TOPGEAR system can be applied to the HDB sector, especially for newly MOP ECs and HDBs.

#BobbySngAdvisary key Analyst Guru, Ghee Tat, has conceived a trademarked presentation kit, Debunking the Myth (DTM). Utilising this with the TOPGEAR system is a lucrative Real Estate segment for Asset Progression.   




The TOPGEAR system was created in 2013 and refined by various #JKD Managers over the years. It greatly assisted the team in closing a jaw-dropping number of transactions in every T.O.P project.​

TOPGEAR’s principles and methods have laid the foundation for all #JKD Associates. 


The competitive New Launch segment completes the trinity of Private Residential and HDB segments, also providing an avenue for Asset Progression and Asset Shufflement.

Apart from being a Core Team or Tagger, steady income received from T.O.Ps or HDBs will finance the cost for FB marketing and Google Ads word marketing.


Real Estate Is A Technology Business

Create The Ultimate Presentation Kit By Leveraging On Technology

Real Estate sales no longer just involve Buying, Selling and Renting. It now goes several steps further as Clients are demanding more Real Estate Facts and Figures. #JKD is at the forefront of harnessing technology and real-time information for all our presentations. Together with Propnex's PA App and our ever-evolving TOPGear presentation Flow, impressing your clients has never been easier. 


Real Estate Is A Visual Business

Create The Ultimate Listing With Professional Photo And Video At Your Fingertips

Provide your listings with maximum exposure with professional grade photos and videos which can be created easily with your smartphone. The marketing media below were all shot and edited by an Iphone 11 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Not only do well-taken shots increase closure rates, but they also simultaneously impress your clients and viewers. 

Profession photo

Real Estate Is A People Business

Together, We Work, Play and Win


The Success of #JKD is heavily attributed to the Managers’ selfless contribution. Banding together as One, mutual support has fostered strong team camaraderie. This fuels a fire to fight and win together! To perpetuate maximum interactions among members, regular cohesion events are organised, along with renting an external communal office. 


Great team spirit may be an important asset, but these carefully developed tools are also what we cannot do without. Exclusive to #JKD, these are the secrets to our division’s glory and success.


Over the years, through countless refining and reviewing, we can confidently say that these methods are extremely efficacious since they have been tried and tested umpteen times. There is no one perfect way of doing things that produces the same successful outcome for everyone, but this has been shaped and tailored to suit #JKD’s style of operating for maximum results. 


Do you sometimes wonder why you’re not reaping the fruits of your labour? Perhaps the problem does not lie with you, but rather with an incompatible technique. Share your challenges with me over Whatsapp and I’ll see what I can do to help you.

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