The Division That

Plays And Works Together,

Wins Together

The gauge of a successful Division boils down to the monthly, quarterly and annual awards. With #JKD success formula, the solid foundation laid by our leaders and the ever evolving TOPgear system, we had accumulated countless Awards both on a Division and Personal level.

#JKD Accolades from 2018 - 2020

Division level awards can only be achieved when everyone in the Division makes sales.

This is due to the formula used by Propnex to ensure Division level awards are won as a Division itself.

2018 Propnex Overall 2nd Position Grp.Division Director

2019 Propnex Overall 2nd Position District Director

2020 Propnex Feb 2nd Position Grp.District Director 


Check out the "LIVE" Videos taken from the Propnex Convention Award Ceremony 2020

#JKD Personal Achievements

#JKD always advocates working hard and playing even harder. We are a group that is not afraid to enjoy the fruits of our labour. The following is a testament to our capabilities! 


3 of our Associates have bought private properties in 2019


12 performance car owners in the Division.

13 Awards Winners in Propnex 2019 annual convention.

Join our family and soar together with us!

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We celebrate every triumph, regardless of whether it is by the team or a member. Every one of #JKD might be extraordinary, but we are always better together. It is extremely heartwarming to see our efforts pay off, and to experience everyone growing as people through aiding one another.


Here, everyone is a leader with their own special set of skills we hope to assist in honing. We aim to do so such that they can continue winning in every aspect of their life, even outside of work. 


#JKD raises champions, like you! If you are curious to push boundaries and tap into potential beyond your wildest imagination, click on the button below. I’ll be happy to let you know how to go about doing so.